Intel Cloud Solutions

Intel Cloud Solutions

On-Camera Illustrations

Performed as an illustrator for this video highlighting the benefits of moving clients to Intel’s Cloud Solutions. My involvement was two-fold: partly setting the style for the whiteboard-like illustrations, as well as drawing them prior to each take (giving the illusion the actor was the illustrator) or during the shoot (whenever there’s a closeup of a hand, that’s me.)


Contracted by BeyondPix for MRM Worldwide and Intel. Directed by Tony Welch.



Tony Welch (Director), Dave Scardina (DP), Arthur Aravena (Gaffer), Steve Budd (Actor), Gaston Yagmourian (Illustrator), Patrick Wong and Blake Smith (Grip), Jim Thylin (Teleprompter), Andrea Pino (Makeup), Mike Kimball (Audio Technician), Kai Yu (Editor), and Andrea Templeton (Assistant Editor) from BeyondPix, for MRM Worldwide and Intel.