Last Thursday was the official launch of the new if(we) brand I’ve been helping develop for the past few months. You can read what people in the tech world are saying about if(we) here and here.

Contracted by Lab Zero for creative direction, my role was leading the design effort on the identity branding, directing the work of the design team and presenting to the client. Once the identity concept was chosen and established, the team moved on to designing and developing the if(we) website. I contributed to the creative direction, helping convey the brand story in its fullest potential through this medium, while providing guidance so the identity was properly expressed.

Steve Sarner, VP of Marketing at if(we), posted a great recap of the entire process on their blog, discussing what a rebranding effort entails from a client’s perspective:

Human Code
With our new name determined we then embarked on building a brand identity around it. Working with our internal product and design teams we also tapped a design firm and one of our neighbors on Pier 9, in San Francisco’s North Waterfront District, Lab Zero. They helped us explore, develop and communicate what at the time was simply a company to be named “if we” into a cohesive brand system.

Again we looked to who we wanted to reach and engage and worked with our audience as the priority.

As with our naming process, the team at Lab Zero brought us a number of thoughtful options on how to express “if we” in a logo and branding system. And as with the name “ifwe” there was an identity option that immediately resonated with the entire team.

It was termed Human Code and played on the message in each word.

“If” represents the possibilities and technology to realize them. This is reflected in the color and font style with “if”. In addition we introduced the use of parentheses around the word “we” further reinforcing our tech roots and foundation as this is a common software coding expression.

“We” speaks to the human aspect of our mission. Our logo uses a stylized “we” to represent both the team that builds our products and the people we serve.

The brand system is designed to be flexible in its use of colors and complementary images further speaking to the creativity and open possibilities of our company direction. This means we can have some fun with our logo around things like seasons and holidays or special events such as Pride Week, which is perfect for the use of this team-centric brand.

And of course, if(we) lends itself to many interesting ways to communicate our work “if we” should elect to do so 🙂

A name and a logo does not make a brand. A brand’s substance comes from the work that is produced and products people use. We’re excited and confident on our direction to do just this.

if(we) provides us a fantastic name and system as we embark on our new direction of working on multiple products to fulfill our purpose of helping people better connect and come together. This rebrand opportunity has been inspiring and we look to keep that momentum and inspiration going as we start this new chapter.

Thank you Lab Zero for involving me in this effort, I enjoyed the partnership and learned a lot about what it takes to make a new website a reality. On the client side, special thanks and congratulations to Meg and Steve on launching the new brand and website! It was really exciting attending the company’s ten-year anniversary on Thursday and seeing identity was already implemented everywhere, from outdoor signage and indoor wall graphics, to employees wearing t-shirts and passing new business cards. You guys rock.

To find out more about this project, visit my portfolio.