Yesterday I marked four years as an independent design director. This past one has been a great one. Among the highlights were getting to define the logo for a cool new technology that allows 3D viewing on mobile devices without those silly glasses, creating the visual identity for a department within a famous university in California (work that hasn’t launched yet), and partnering with various design studios in the States. Beginning in January I’ve been helping the Brand Studio within Google on various initiatives, including contributing to the art direction of this microsite and its photography.

Travel was definitely an important aspect of this past year, with trips to Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, and NYC. The one to Europe involved fun workshops, one on creative coding and the other on ceramics.

And I also continued being involved with the MFA program at the Academy of Art, advising three students on their thesis projects. One has just graduated, and the others are well on their way. I’m looking forward to sharing their excellent work on my blog as soon as they let me.

The next twelve months will hopefully be just as exciting. For starters, my next trip is right around the corner, to an island with huge statues of heads.