The brand identity work I created for AgilOne has been recently featured in a wonderful design compendium titled Dynamic Logo, published by Dopress Books.

As the Chinese publishing house explains,

The exact opposite of static, the brands chosen as case studies for this new volume on logo design were handpicked for their adaptability to ever-changing conditions. This versatility allows a secret glimpse into the creative process by presenting every conceivable application from bus stop posters and billboards to temporary tattoos, street art stencils, mobile apps and more. Instead of diluting core brands, this dynamism creates a stronger more cohesive identity for the companies profiled by providing a path for long-term survival. New opportunities and platforms for branding are embraced, intersecting with the ever-changing ways in which an increasingly savvy public interacts with their environment. Case studies include: AOL, City of Melbourne, Dubai Airport, Futurebrand, Swisscom and the Van Gogh Museum.

It was very flattering to receive their invitation to appear among so many projects I admire. The book has over 250 pages, and the projects have been beautifully printed.

It is available for purchase here.