Quiet Lightning is a submission-based reading series that takes place monthly in San Francisco, features all forms of writing without introduction or banter and publishes each show as a book. In their words, “the shows … are like literary mixtapes: works of art in their own right, seamless, coherent text.”

Why am I writing about Quiet Lightning on my blog? I’ll be participating this Wednesday! After attending and enjoying a couple of their shows, in which people walked up on stage and read out loud their short stories or poems, they recently posted a call to “translate” a piece by Melissa Chandler called Considering They Lived:

You can respond to this piece in any way you’d like. Examples: translate it into another language; answer the questions in the piece; take the form and apply it to a new set of questions; imagine the lives of the people in the piece; etc. You can do this in poem form, in fiction, creative nonfiction, etc. You can tell us a story using a series of lists. Anything you can imagine, basically, you can do.

My response was a visual reinterpretation, and it got picked! Now, wish me luck as I attempt to “read out loud” an illustration, or better yet come check it out! The show is at The Lab (located at 2948 16th Street), and doors open at 6.45pm. The first 100 people to arrive receive a free copy of sparkle + blink.

It will be my first time doing this kind of performance, and I’m looking forward to it. Hope you can make it!