After the great time spent in Lugano and the game design workshop I attended there, it was back to Italy. Following a day in Milan, I continued south towards Perugia. I stayed in the capital of Umbria two days, before and after another workshop I took, this time learning ceramics.

Perugia is a very scenic city. Built up on a hilltop, it was historically hard to reach and thus maintains today not only medieval but even also Etruscan features and architecture.

Highlights for me, besides that porchetta panino (which was really a work of art) were the frescoes inside the Chiesa di Sant’Ercolano and the Basilica di San Pietro, the Arco Etrusco, the Rocca Paolina (a series of underground streets dating back to the Renaissance), the Palazzo della Penna (a contemporary art center), Perugino’s frescoes inside the Palazzo dei Priori, and the Cippus Perusinus and the rest of the Etruscan archeology exhibited at the Museo archeologico nazionale dell’Umbria.

My last day in Perugia was also the start of the renowned Umbria Jazz, an annual jazz festival in which the city gets transformed with free music concerts in parks, restaurants, and sidewalks. It was very cool seeing the city come alive that way before I headed to Assisi.