As we got to the middle of the week in The Island: A Primitive Multiplayer Game Processing Workshop, run by Andreas Gysin, the game started to take form. While some of us worked on developing our character (how it looked, how it sounded, what powers it could have… all was up to our individual coding decisions), others focused on 3D mapping and getting the terrain working, or the camera, or the network connectivity. Andreas obviously directed most of the coding, and guided us along the way.

After class, I decided to take advantage of some of the cultural events of the Longlake Lugano Festival. As unfortunately none of the students spoke Italian but me, we didn’t get to attend as many of these as I wanted, but at least that Wednesday I got my fill. First a book reading Giovanni Ventimiglia (a Philosophy professor) talk about metaphysics journey through time and geography (surprisingly engaging presentation), then the hilarious play The Misfortunes of a Widow performed by Licia Maglietta, and finally some live music courtesy of Tonino Carotone.