The focus on the second day of The Island: A Primitive Multiplayer Game Processing Workshop, run by Andreas Gysin, was to arrive at what kind of multiplayer game we would program. Individual players competing for a prize? Teams confronting each other? What type of attributes could players have or acquire? Each of us presented ideas, and after a collective brainstorm, we began to agree on what “the island” would be like.

But since each idea had its own merits, Andreas frequently paused the main flow of the course to teach related topics. This also happened any time one of use had a doubt or question. It was great, because we ended up learning a lot more than just coding a game through Processing, but also about physics and sound libraries, GUIs, 3D and more. And since my main goal wasn’t to become a game coder, but just better at Processing in general, each example he explained got me closer to it.

In the end, we settled on individual players roaming an island full of treasures to collect, with the ability to affect the terrain through bombs. Now the hard part was next, actually coding it!

But that would have to wait until the next day. In the afternoon, after hearing the day before about swimming in the lake, I decided to join. Outside the city center and past the Lido, there was a public access to the lake directly from the road, and from there we jumped! Of course the water was freezing (clearly the Swiss have not been to these Brazilian beaches as I have), but got photos taken during the minute I was in it, so it was a success. Afterwards we went to Al Lido for drinks, which was pretty cool.