The main reason for this trip was to attend workshops, and the first one took place in Lugano. While I arrived on a rainy Sunday afternoon, the beauty of this city and lake were really breathtaking. Again, as with Zurich, the rich really know where to park their money.

Arriving from Zurich on the train was easy. As was getting to the dorms at SUPSI where I stayed: a short bus ride on the #4 towards Canobbio, stopping at Città Studi stop, and Serena waiting for me. The dorms were very comfortable, with all-new furniture. I was looking forward to classes starting the next day.

But in the meantime, I had a Sunday afternoon all to myself for exploring the city. That day, and all those following, I never got tired of walking along the lungolago (lakefront) and enjoying the sights. Plus, thanks to the Longlake Festival, each summer Lugano offers all kinds of art-related activities. Everything from public art, to performances, book readings, theater, dance and music. That first night I caught part of a book reading in a park , and a jazz show.

As with Zurich, the food was really expensive. Fortunately, later days proved more affordable as we got tips from the locals on where to eat.