The trip then continued on to Switzerland. A short train ride from Milan and I was suddenly in Zurich. What a scenic place! In fact, maybe too scenic. The ultra-rich really know where to park their money. Everything was pristine, in its place, and on time. Even graffiti (which was very sporadic) appeared aligned.

One of the consequences of being the financial center of Switzerland, is that there is a lot of money around. And what better use of that money than owning art collections? Sooner or later, this results in art museums and galleries, of which Zurich has several world-class options. I got to visit a few, all recommended: Haus Konstruktiv, Museum für Gestaltung, the Kunsthaus, the Kunsthalle and the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst.

If those names are hard to read, they are even more difficult to pronounce, and my Swiss-German skills are non-existent. But fortunately, I got to visit my friend Fabio and his girlfriend while I was there, and they were excellent hosts during my stay, showing me around the major sites in the city.

Not just churches (Fraümunster, Kirche St. Peter, Grossmünster) or lakes (walking along Lake Zurich was very cool), but most importantly restaurants. After a day and a half of sightseeing in the old part of town, it was fun heading over to Kreis 5 (Zurich West district), where young people actually hang out. The pizza at Restaurant Rosso was excellent, as was the vibe at Frau Gerolds Garten.

Zurich did strike me as a very expensive place to live in. Food in particular seemed very pricy. That said, I’m happy I didn’t pass the opportunity to eat some luxemburgerli (macaroons) at Sprüngli. The hype is warranted.