I received great news in the mail a few days ago from SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland), in the city of Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland:

Dear Gaston,

I am glad to announce you that the workshop The Island: a multi-player game (24-28 June) has been activated.

I’ve been hoping it would get confirmed, as a similar last year didn’t end up taking place. So, time to pack my laptop and swimwear! It’s summertime in Europe for me this year.

The workshop will be run by Andreas Gysin, and aims at exploring the design opportunities offered by Processing software for creating generative graphics, animation algorithms and collaborative digital environments. The Island is a multiplayer game and a framework for learning the basics of designing through creative coding.

In the Processing workshop we’ll create an island and populate it with programmed characters. Each character will be designed and controlled by each of us and will have to survive on the island. The process and techniques for designing the character will be based on a set of common rules defined during the workshop.

But that’s not the whole trip.

I’ve also signed up for another workshop in the Italian countryside region of Umbria. I’m spending 4 days at La Fratta Art House to learn all about Raku ceramics creation.

I’ve never taking ceramic courses before, so it’ll be a new experience for me. I’m very curious what I’ll end up making, but I’m sure the process will be a lot of fun.

In between these two workshops, I’ll make stops in Zurich, Milan, Perugia, Assisi, and the Italian Riviera. I have friends that live at some of these cities (some I made at the type design workshop in Urbino a couple years ago), so it will be great catching up with them as I visit museums and do sightseeing. Overall, the trip will be three weeks long.

Watch this space for future posts, as I plan to share interesting things I see along the way.