Earlier this year, I developed the new brand identity for AgilOne, in which patterns play a singular role. At the time, I wasn’t skilled enough to generate them through coding in Processing, so I resorted to building them in Illustrator. While not completely manual (I made use of some fantastic scripts by Hiroyuki Sato and John Wundes), the process was still tedious. I knew there was a better way.

My experiments with Processing have come a long way from my crude attempts earlier this year. While my coding skills are still low, I’m making steady progress. I’ve taken a second workshop at GAFFTA, this one run by Realitat from Mexico. And in November I took classes at The Crucible, taught by Jon Foote. On the side, I’m slowly completing the exercises in Learning Processing, the book by Daniel Shiffman.

So a few months later, now with more coding knowledge under my belt, I revisited the challenge and the results appear below. Click anywhere in the pattern with your mouse.

Each click triggers an algorithm to redraw the pattern, based on rules established in the code: a defined set of shapes is arranged in a grid and colored with the brand colours. Processing allows exports of PDFs, so a custom app could be used to generate patterns with ease.

Coding brings endless possibilities to brand identity and design in general. I’m excited about incorporating it more into my practice as I keep gaining knowledge.